It’s all about Quilts

"Journeys end in lovers meeting" by Bodil Gardner.

It’s all about quilts…  Today I met two new friends Victoria Miller and Susan Houseman at the International Quilting Show in Cincinnati, Ohio.  To be honest, quilting has never really been my thing.  While I can appreciate all the time and effort that goes into creating one, it’s not anything I would personally want to do.  BUT…  Today I saw quilting from a whole new level and all I can say is WOW!

"Sweet Lovers Love the Spring" by Bodil Gardner.

Bodil Gardner is from Denmark – love her work!

"Time" by Sue de Vanny, Australia

Time…  This was one of my favorites!  So, here’s what I figured out about quilts – I’m NOT a traditionalist, I like the colorful, more modern pictorial quilts.  No disrespect to anyone, as I have a great appreciation for quilting and the patience it must take to complete one.  Not to mention the sewing skills needed which I am always in awe of as I was the daughter who did not get that gene!  LOL!  Both my Mother and Sis can do amazing things with fabric and a machine.

Victoria Miller with her Quilt, on display at the show!

Speaking of amazing…  here is Victoria standing next to her quilt that is on display at the show, congratulations!!!  Victoria’s quilt had the word “Ohio” throughout the quilt done free-motion with her machine – pretty cool!

"Turning Lemons into Lemonade" by Sara D. Sharp of Austin, Texas.

This was another favorite…

"Passion Flower" by Mary Ann Vaca-Lambert from Austin, Texas.

Passion Flower was like a 3-D, mixed media piece of art using pipe cleaners and beads.  The materials were hand dyed – simply lovely!

"Love Life" by Karlee J. Porter of Clearfield, Utah.

Details, details, details…

"Holy Cow" by Jennifer Day of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Holy cow is right!!!  This quilt took my breath away…  it was a portrait printed on fabric, the boys and cattle were covered entirely in thread and took the artist over 150 hours to complete along with over four million stitches and 4000 yards of thread!  Now that’s passion and dedication.

Susan on the left and Victoria on the right.

How fun was it to meet up with these two gals, Susan and Victoria – we had a blast!   Before today we’d only met online through an E-course by Jenny Doh that the three of us were taking. This did not stop us from getting into a little trouble.  Let’s just say we had some interesting moments in the mens (turned into a ladies) restroom when Vic literally got stuck in one of the bathroom stalls and we had to pry her out and then we made a video.  Video of what?  He, he…  Just like the saying, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” – “what happens at the quilt show, stays AT the quilt show.”

I won’t even begin to explain how I, a non-quilter managed to come home with a bag full of goodies.  Uh oh, hubbies home, I can hear him now…  “Lucy… you’ve got some explaining to do!!!”

4 thoughts on “It’s all about Quilts

  1. I am sooo glad you got these photos! Those quilts were amazing and my blackberry did not get that gorgeous detail. I had a wonderful time with you and Susan today.

  2. How fun for all of you! Everyone looks like they had an amazing time~
    Lots of giggles and grins tucked in with a bit of Lucy mischief…sounds like my kind of fun~

    I loved that you shared! The last quilt is incredible, OMGosh…it is so unbelievable and profound! Thanks for sharing 😀

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